Lifestyle Sandbox

A unique retreat venue for Culture Design and Talent Development






  1. the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.




  1. A box or receptacle for holding sand usually one large enough for children to play in.
  2. Computers: an environment in which software developers or editors can create and test new content, separate from other content in the project.

In the online gaming industry:


A sandbox is a style of game in which minimal character limitations are placed on the gamer, allowing the gamer to roam and change a virtual world at will.  In contrast to a progression-style game, a sandbox game emphasizes roaming and allows a gamer to select tasks.

Our take:


A step away from everything, brainstorming approach, to refine and redesign your experience at work, your lifestyle off hours, and your results in both.


Lifestyle Sandbox

Our take:


  1. A unique beach location to brainstorm and map out quality results at work and in life.
  2. An offsite venue with business and leisure resources and an experience concierge away from work and everything you have created so far.


A brainstorming experience that creates, and tests, new approaches separate from other project conversations.  A step away from execution to build alignment to vision and a step away from vision to refine execution.  An approach that leverages all learning styles and engages both left brain linear and right brain intuitive strengths of those assembled.

We are pleased to introduce you to our first island retreat location.

It is a perfect place to blend business and leisure, build elegant relationships, tailor unique experiences, and craft actionable next steps in life and at work.

It is located in the Golden Isles about one hour south of Savannah Georgia and about one hour north of Jacksonville Florida!

507 Ocean Boulevard /Suite 218 /St Simons Island, GA 31522/ (800) 916-5835

How we got started

As a talent development coach and culture design consultant I found, behind the door of an Executive Coaching session, the issues the CEO was having with the CFO, was frequently the same as the issues at home with a teenage son.

Our clients wanted to be effective at work and equally as important, at home. It was just as important to have a quality impact in the market place and in life.

Then the world went 24/7 …  365

With today’s technology, and expected responsiveness, my clients increasingly had to know how to be effective building a productive culture at work and a nurturing culture at home.

I developed The Sandbox Experience as an approach that helps my clients craft the best answers for their culture at work and at home.

Then the ‘aha’

I realized that I had become a connoisseur of the offsite experience as an attendee.

As I looked at my own results leveraging that experience, I became increasingly convinced the offsite was a secret formula for enhanced performance.

In 2017 I put together a team and opened  a retreat location, on an island, in the Golden Isles, off the coast of Georgia.

Now we work with

Individuals to:

  • identify and develop talent.
  • discover what makes their personality stand out
  • refine an engaging style that earns respect and results
  • build a legacy of impact

Organizations to:

  • trouble shoot communication gridlock and produce top shelf results
  • clarify and integrate a compelling vision
  • turn individual participants into allies
  • groom and attract top talent
  • mentor emerging leaders at work and at home
  • turning co-workers into allies
  • build more effective cultures

What our Clients want to do

  • Get away and be productive
  • Invest their time and money to get results in the next 90 days
  • Find tools for their experience as well as for when they get back home
  • Build more than a project, they want to design a culture
  • Leave a legacy

The Problems our Clients face

  • 24/7 … 365 time demands
  • Guilt about time working, away from family and
  • Guilt when hanging with the family, away from work
  • Past off-site, or even onsite training experiences, were wasted time and money
  • The ridicule from the last offsite is still an office joke … 3 years later!
  • Who knows how to please today’s diverse workforce on an offsite anyway?

How our clients overcome and achieve: They …

  • Get away to brainstorm and leverage ‘Beach Brain’ guilt free (negative ions at the beach relax the prefrontal lobe allowing the brain to work better.. smart, time efficient, cutting edge)
  • Partner with a seasoned consultant, adept at customizing an offsite experience to satisfy today’s broad range of eclectic tastes
  • Craft a customized plan vs following someone else’s playbook
  • Plot an approach to avoid mayhem and craft an experience people value
  • Deliver an experience that and co-workers buzz about in the break room and the family raves about over the holidays!
  • Discover and leverage a unique leadership style at the offsite experience that can build a legacy of success back at work and at home.