Lifestyle Sandbox

Next generation lifestyle • Next level results
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The Lifestyle Sandbox

All great leaders experience a season where a fresh perspective brings a new part of the journey.

We help leaders and their teams build the next generation lifestyle at work and next level results in the market.

We specialize in the new offsite brainstorming experience that goes way beyond entertainment to actually producing next level leaders and next generation teams.

Clients call us when speed to market is mission critical and recently thrown together talent needs to ‘play nice in the sandbox.’



  1. The way in which a person or group lives



  1. A box or receptacle for holding sand, especially one large enough for child’s play.
  2. Computers: an environment in which software developers or editors can create and test new content, separate from other content in the project.
  3. On-line Gaminga game that lets the player visit and explore every aspect of the environment, in the moment, during the game.  Most uniquely, the player in a sandbox game actually helps build and manage the world around them.



Our take: A unique facilitated brainstorming experience:

  1. For individuals: to design a 90 Day Plan for next level results at work and in life.
  2. For organizations, teams and allies: to design a 90 Day Plan for next steps and next level solutions.
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Next Generation Lifestyle

Building the next generation lifestyle at work requires savvy leadership.

Turning today’s global, virtual, multi-generational work place toward a common vision requires advanced alignment skills.

It will require a capacity to influence and lead collaboration.

Whether it is a post merger global team with international cultures to align for speed to market or a fund raiser for your middle child’s latest endeavor

Achieving a goal with a group of people is simply more challenging today.

The good news
  1. There is a skill to producing an intended result with a group
  2. It can be learned
  3. You are in the right place to master it here

Your lifestyle depends on it …

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Next level results

No matter how compelling the vision or how enthusiastic our allies it is in execution that the ‘rubber meets the road’ and intended results happen or they don’t.

Producing next level results requires a leader with hard won in the world wisdom as well as input from intellectually diverse, emerging, cutting edge allies.

Combining the two creates a success path that drives results.

The good news
  1. There is a skill to executing next level results
  2. It can be learned
  3. You are in the right place to practice it here

Who we work with

We work with trail blazing leaders and innovative organizations in the public and private sector.

  • C-Suite Leadership Teams
  • Small Businesses and their boards
  • Entrepreneurs and their allies
  • Like minded individuals working to make a legacy impact on community


Clients call when

an opportunity is within grasp • the right plan needs to be created •  people are the key to producing next level results.

For example:

  • Landing the new client means being better, smarter, and more efficient
  • The secrets of success so far needs to be scaled or passed on to the next generation of front line producers
  • It is no longer possible to tolerate feuding co-workers.  Everyone must ‘play nice in the sandbox’ to deliver a new level of quality or meet production realities to satisfy customers needs.

Problems our clients face

  • Struggling with today’s on demand lifestyle 24/7 … 365
  • Navigating multi-generational communication issues
  • Seeing opportunities but unable to rally resources
  • Being mired in conflict and unsure how to jumpstart effective communications
  • Needing to produce results, fast!
    • To keep a client or expand capacity to serve them better
    • To attract, retain, or develop talent for a mission critical initiative
    • To unlock people gridlock to smooth the way to next level results

How clients overcome and achieve

  • Experience the Sandbox Brainstorm
  • Practice the Sandbox Brainstorm to clarify next steps and align allies to the path forward
  • Build a Sandbox Culture