Lifestyle Sandbox

a unique brainstorming experience for masterful results at work and in life
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The way in which a person or group lives.

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A unique brainstorming approach to refine and redesign your experience at work, your lifestyle off hours, and your results in both.

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Lifestyle Sandbox

An offsite experience to develop talent, craft a nimble lifestyle and design an intentional culture at work and at home.

We are pleased to introduce you to our first island retreat location. It is a perfect place to blend business and leisure, build elegant relationships and tailor unique experiences.  It is located in the Golden Isles about one hour south of Savannah Georgia and about one hour north of Jacksonville Florida!

How We Got Started

As a leadership development coach and culture design consultant I found, behind the door of an Executive Coaching session, the issues the CEO was having with the CFO, was frequently the same as the issues at home with a teenage son.  My clients wanted to be effective at work and equally as important, at home.

Then the world went 24/7 …  365

With today’s technology, and expected responsiveness, my clients increasingly had to know how to be effective building a productive culture at work and a nurturing culture at home for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.
Helping them find their unique solutions required left brain linear skill sets and increasingly it required non linear, instinctual intuition from the right brain.
I developed The Sandbox Experience as an approach that helps my clients access their right and left brain to craft the best answers for their cultures at work and at home.

A sandbox was, and is, a unique brainstorming approach to refine and redesign a satisfying experience at work, lifestyle off hours, and results in both.   I began getting my clients out of their office, their home, their routine and brainstorming offsite with wall size white boards and smart tvs.

During this time I also become a connoisseur of the offsite experience as an attendee. I became increasingly convinced the offsite experience was a secret formula for enhanced performance.

In 2017 I put together a team and opened  a retreat location, on an island, in the Golden Isles, off the coast of Georgia.

We work with individuals to identify and develop talent.  Our clients discover what makes their personality stand out and how to
– refine an engaging style that earns respect and results
– build a legacy of impact

We work with visionaries and their allies to identify and customize an ideal culture- at work, in their communities, in their homes. We

– clarify and integrate a compelling vision
– turn individual participants into allies
– create an ‘inner circle’ to build a culture that fosters talent development

Who our clients tend to be

Maverick Leaders, Change Agents, Catalysts and Trend Setters  interested in:
  • building more effective cultures
  • grooming and attracting top talent
  • mentoring emerging leaders at work and at home
  • wanting to escape to an island for r&r and strategic planning
  • exploring the new travel trends: Bleisure, Workcation, and Workventure for themselves, as a perk for top talent, and as a coping mechanism for the new 24/7 work world

What our Clients want to do

  • Conserve financial resources
  • Conserve time
  • Build effective networks
  • Attract powerful allies
  • Be generous
  • Leave a legacy

The Problems our Clients face

  • Finding adequate resources for their ideas
  • 24/7 … 365 time demands
  • Social and business networks drowning in overwhelm
  • Conflicted allies
  • Inadequate resources to be generous
  • Market automation forcing uniformity when they need and deserve individual, one on one problem solving

How our clients overcome and achieve

  • Brainstorm a customized plan
  • Partner with a seasoned coach
  • Plot a plan to avoid mayhem and pass the competition
  • Discover and leverage a unique leadership style that will build a legacy of success.