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The Sandbox Opens

It is now January 2018.

The Sandbox has been opened for a year and hosted 6 retreats,

  • 3 Team Building Intensives
  • 2 VIP Beach Retreats for leaders redesigning their career path and launching new businesses and
  • 1 Inner Circle Retreat with 13 of my fellow Leadership Tribe members (The Zebras) …  one of which came from Dubai to attend.

In the last 2 years as the Lifestyle Sandbox has moved into a brick and mortar offering, I have spent many evenings on the porch listening to a live band just outside the building while sipping on an adult beverage.  I have blown on hot coffee and watched the village come to life as the sun rose from the porch. I have hosted dozens of sandboxes for local business owners and people on retreat from cities around the country and world.

I have also coached my corporate executives and teams remotely from my office.

Over the last year I have taken the sandbox experience monthly to Atlanta.  I have my executives leave their office dynamics to brainstorm on wall sized white boards at ROAM ( in each of the 5 locations (Buckhead, Dunwoody, Perimeter, Galleria and Alpharetta).

I will continue to serve my corporate clients because I know the world is a better place when corporate leadership teams and corporate leaders learn how to ‘play nice in the sandbox’ and get solid ROI results.

And, I will tirelessly campaign to get them to the beach for a little r&r and strategy building.

Over the years, in coaching session after coaching session, I found the problems the CEO was having with the CFO was the same issue found at home with a teenage son.  I found the issues the entrepreneur was having managing revenue in the business looked suspiciously like the financial mess at home.

Over the next year I am going to develop offerings that bring best organizational practices from corporate to the entrepreneur and the home.

I am also going to be blogging monthly to bring tips and treasures from the Sandbox to your inbox.  Tips on best practices that yield revenue in the market place and at home.

Looking forward to creating an online sandbox with you!


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