Elegant Relationships

Curate from Core

Perhaps the first elegant relationship begins within. Curating a custom lifestyle or building an organizational culture means mining deeply held mission and it can take a subtle touch.

Navigating circumstances in the life of an organization or even in an individual life is impacted by our own capacities at the time. Bringing those closest to us through life’s circumstances, with relationships in tact, requires navigating from core.

Some circumstances create such impact that ‘after the smoke has cleared’, it is helpful to find core direction once again.  Stepping away isn’t an indulgence it is a requirement.  It is basic maintenance for the human heart.  Re-identifying your core and curating your organization’s culture or personal  lifestyle from there creates deep personal satisfaction and, when done effectively, elegant relationships.

Curate from Core Sandbox

take aways:

  • Assessment based Core Style Identification
  • Collaboration Style Index:  How to use your core style in relationships
  • An understanding of other collaboration styles
  • How to build more effective relationships
  • Fascination Report: How you fascinate others
  • How you are perceived in conflict
    • Your go to destructive responses
    • How to change your responses
  • A Personalized Communication Style Index
  • Recognizing and understanding your listener’s communication style
  • Adapting your style to your listener’s style
  • A Personalized Listening Profile
  • Core Wisdom Development Map
  • A Sandbox Application Guide and Workbook

Partnership Priming

At work or at home,  choosing to partner legally has lifelong implications.  Designing an elegant partnership requires more than a legal document.

Elegant is defined as

  • Tasteful
  • Dignified
  • Cleverly Simple

Whether you are partnering in business or in life, discovering there are best practices to support the endeavor is useful.  Algorithm based style assessments can help you recognize your partner’s priorities and reveal yours in a way that you can be most effective and harmonious as you navigate circumstances at work and in life.

Even if you are partnering in a collaboration with no legal expectations being savvy and highly skilled at building elegant relationships can be a winning formula for success.

Partnership Priming Sandbox

take aways:

  • Collaboration Style Index for each partner
  • Comparison Report for specifically working with each style
  • An understanding of other collaboration styles
  • How to build more effective relationships
  • How each of you are perceived in conflict
    • Each partner’s go to destructive responses
    • How each partner can change their responses to be more effective
  • A Personalized Communication Style Index for each partner
  • A Personalized Listening Profile
  • Partnership Development Map
  • A Sandbox Application Guide and Workbook

Group Orchestration

Whether you have the name tag ‘Leader’ or you simply find yourself as the ‘Ring Leader’ there are best practices orchestrating a group.

When orchestration becomes vital is when a group needs to form for a specific task, purpose or need.  When a group needs to decide a legacy strategy or what the best next steps are for ‘mom’ or for a special needs child.

When an entrepreneur needs a board of advisors to guide business choices.

When a group simply wants to pursue a common goal.  Forming a self identified ‘inner circle’ is a powerful way to focus the group on a specific outcome. Using best practices from corporate team building can create a highly effective ‘inner circle’.

‘Inner Circle’ Sandbox

take aways:

  • Learning how to building Trust
  • Master Conflict
  • Achieve Commitment
  • Embrace Accountability
  • Focus on Results
  • Assess, leverage, and flex each members strengths and challenges
  • Assess, leverage, and flex the Inner circle’s strengths and challenges
  • Inner Circle Development Map
  • A Sandbox Application Guide and Workbook