Finessed Careers

Talent Development

Taking time to identify core talent, develop it and apply it takes a pause to reflect.

A Sandbox is active reflection.

Best in market assessments are taken prior to a sandbox and those results are brought to the sandbox experience. White board brainstorming pulls deep right brain intuitive creativity into the mix.  Action steps and results mapping take the results of the brainstorm from great ideas to actionable results.

Talent Development Sandbox

take aways:

  • Fascination Report: How you fascinate others
  • Collaboration Style Index:  How to use your talent in collaboration
  • An understanding of other collaboration styles
  • How to build more effective relationships
  • How you are perceived in conflict
    • Your go to destructive responses
    • How to change your responses
  • A Personalized Communication Style Index
  • Recognizing and understanding your audience’s ‘buying’ styles
  • Adapting your style to your audience’s style
  • A Personalized Listening Profile
  • Time Mastery Profile
  • Talent Development Map
  • A Sandbox Application Guide and Workbook

Collaborative Gravitas

Once your talent is identified, uncovering and honing your winning formula extends your impact.  Whether you are in a corporation building a career or an entrepreneur expanding market share, bottom line results rest on your capacity to collaborate.  Discovering your winning formula helps you master the art of producing results through collaboration.

Collaboration Sandbox

take aways:

  • A Personalized Collaboration Style Index
  • Management Style Index
  • How to work more effectively with the boss
  • How to influence colleagues and reports
  • Building trust
  • Mastering productive conflict
  • Achieving commitment
  • Embracing accountability
  • Focusing on results
  • Personalized Listening Profile
  • Recognizing the strengths and challenges of your projects
  • Sandbox Application Guide and Workbook

Maverick Leadership

Pioneering, entrepreneurial, out of the box leadership is what is called for in today’s Age of Accelerations.  Building on talent and a winning formula the next vital step is to activate others to take on leadership.

Leadership Sandbox

take aways:

  • Personalized Leadership Style Index
  • Three personalized strategies for leveraging and flexing leadership style
  • Leadership Vision Crafting
  • Inner Circle or Leadership Team construction
  • Building alignment to Leadership Vision
  • Championing execution
  • Vision mapping during mergers and acquisitions
  • Building an intentional culture
  • Succession planning and legacy implementation
  • Sandbox Application Guide and Workbook