Sandbox Consulting Group

When missing the next opportunity is not an option
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Prepping Leaders

For over 20 years we’ve been called into the boardroom when leaders want to translate bold initiatives into day to day work and bottom line ROI

We work with organizations in the public and private sector when speed to market is revenue critical and key leaders must move quickly after a course correction

Boards put us on speed dial for the day that:

  • A new CEO needs to hit the ground running
  • Landing new clients mean immediate and across the board expansion 
  • Two revenue critical leaders are feuding and distracting from forward motion
  • Two business centers are siloed and slowing production
  • Emerging talent needs leadership skills to meet a market opportunity head on
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Aligning Teams

Whether it is a post merger global initiative with international cultures to navigate or simply getting boomers and millennials to speak the same language in the conference room … achieving a goal with a group of not so like minded people is simply more challenging today.

The good news

  1. There is a research supported, in the field tested, approach to producing an intended result with a group
  2. It can be experienced and then quickly learned
  3. Sandbox Consulting Group is the foremost expert in this approach
  4. You can do a quick fix facilitated by our experts or take this approach, train your trainers and develop a culture that is adept at this approach
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Executing Excellence

Picking the path and then getting the ‘head nods’ seems to be alignment.  And, it’s in execution where the rubber meets the road and the wheels fall off many a great idea.

Operations calls us when:

  1. ‘Speed to market’ initiatives threaten to compromise quality and safety standards.  Getting a seat at the table and being heard in a loud and enthusiastic rush to market conversation can be a tall order.  Influencing a conversation in the conference room is a skill that can be taught and honed.
  2. New technology integration has hit a quagmire of passive aggressive resistance.  When the people part of integration is slowing down using the tech to speed up time to market