Package Customization

On this complementary 30 minute get acquainted call you can explore The Sandbox Experience and actually leave the call with tips you can use right away.  This is a good way to see if a Sandbox will be the right solution for you and your organization and, if the time is right, to book a Sandbox.

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Bring a thorny issue or challenging dynamic to a virtual sandbox. Leave with a clear understanding of the talents you need to bring and the next best steps you want to take.  Design your own Sandbox pac. Or a-la-carte:

  1. 90 Minute Sandbox
  2. 3, 6 or 9 Sandbox pack
  3. Virtual VIP Day
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Crafting vision, building alignment, and championing execution is vital to keep an organization nimble in the market place.

Having regular Sandboxes after an offsite is the secret formula to producing consistent, high quality, results.

Sandbox Consulting Group can help you create structures onsite to support the break throughs on island.

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Leverage ‘Beach Brain’ to craft next steps.  At the beach negative ions relax the pre-frontal cortex and the brain works better.  Take a weekend and commit one day, just for you, to sort out next steps.  You leave a VIP Day with an actionable 90 Day plan and an overall Vision Implementation Plan for the Quarter, Year or decade.

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3 Day Intensive

You can arrange your offsite at any of 5 locations in the Atlanta Georgia area.

Or better yet, on an island. This is the ultimate beach side  ‘one on one coaching’ offering.  It includes 2-3 days customized and curated to support the kind of brainstorming needed to reflect, redesign or refine your organization, career and lifestyle.

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Coastal Living Team Building Offiste Enjoying B-leisure and coaching

Offsite: Ally Building

Or, be the hero, take your organization to the beach.  Have them bring the family and you will build a culture not just a team.

Multiple Day Immersive at the beach on St Simons Island for You, for your team, or for a master mind group. Turn a group of individuals into allies.

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