Sandbox Get Acquainted Call

On this complementary 30 minute call you can explore The Sandbox Experience and actually leave the call with tips you can use right away.  This is a good way to see if a Sandbox will be the right solution for you and your organization and if the time is right to book a Sandbox.

Sandbox Brainstorming

Brainstorm to Breakthrough

Two hour sandbox with a seasoned business and talent development coach.  Bring a thorny issue or challenging dynamic (professional or personal) to a sandbox. Leave with a clear understanding of the talents you need to bring and the next best steps you want to take. Learn more here.

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Q Sandbox

Today too many organizations are running business like a never ending football game where a big portion of the workforce can’t see the scoreboard, the game is being played without huddles or a half-time, and there is no film review during or after the game.

If you are wanting people to dig into tasks and deliver unexpected, over the top results, the game has to include a face to face half-time pep talk and after the game film review to hone performance.  With new technology, in the game, on the field, film review is now available to make better calls as well.

Work as a never ending production line with no beginning or end or celebration or competition to stretch towards actually hits a point of diminishing return, especially when delivering Quality.  Building your results quarterly with a Q Sandbox, Quarterly Sandbox, can be a secret formula for ongoing results. Q1Q2Q3Q4 meetings preferably at the Sandbox.

A Q-Sandbox during the game and Quarterly helps adjust how you are doing what you do so you can leverage ‘best practices’ for nimble in the game moves.

Quarterly Q-Sandbox

take aways:

  • Sandbox Application Module: (Q1Q2Q3Q4 specific)
  • Past Quarter Results Analysis
  • Past Quarter Commitments Accountability
  • Next Steps Intel Requirements
  • Next Steps People Requirement
  • Next Steps Commitment Inventory
  • Next Quarter Result Goals
  • Social Learning Portal For
    • New Learning Deep Dive Exercises
    •  Co-Worker Insights and Connections
    • Exercises to practice new learnings
    • Team and Culture Data Analysis
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VIP Day 

One day, just for you, to sort out next steps.  You leave a VIP Day with a  Vision Implementation Plan designed with a C-suite Consultant with years of experience with organizational culture design, career mapping, , entrepreneurial and sales effectiveness and lifestyle development. Learn more here.


Private 3 Day Immersive 

This is the ultimate beach side  ‘one on one coaching’ offering.  It includes 2-3 days customized and curated to support the kind of brainstorming needed to reflect, redesign or refine your organization, career and lifestyle. Learn more here.

Coastal Living Team Building Offiste Enjoying B-leisure and coaching

‘Inner Circle’ Ally Building Intensive

Take your brainstorming up a notch … better yet to the beach!  Multiple Day Immersive at the beach on St Simons Island for You, and for your team of allies, Turn a group of individuals into a powerful ‘inner circle’. Learn more here.