The Sandbox Experience

Your Guided Sandbox Experience

  • We curate a step away from everything brainstorm on wall sized white boards with smart tv technology as support
  • We leverage a pre sandbox focus call and participant survey to create a customized brainstorming experience
  • We utilize the two heads are better than one principle to partner our clients with a highly experienced sandbox coach.

We help top talent build their legacy.

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How we do it

We help our clients leverage left brain linear wisdom available but perhaps unused and discover the intuitive right brain nonlinear insights that may not always be accessible without a white board and a coach.

We apply the 5 things elite coaches use with top talent

  • Help you focus on when to perform
  • Guide you when dealing with pressure
  • Assist you with sharpening your goals
  • Help you remove obstacles
  • Keep you on and off balance to build results

Customizing Your Plan

We believe at work, and in life, successful results come from a step away from execution to brainstorm and a step away from brainstorming to execute.

We understand not everyone can run away to the beach.  Sandboxes can be arranged in 5 locations in Atlanta Georgia.  And, we highly recommend an Offsite Sandbox

that is:

  1. A step away from anything you have created so far
  2. Reflection on what has worked and what needs to be tweaked
  3. And finally, a Celebration of important steps along the way to build alignment

We recommend an Offsite Sandbox on an island

that is:

  1. In the Golden Isles: one hour south of Savannah, GA and one hour north of Jacksonville, FL
  2. Filled with outdoor and indoor activities so you can blend business and leisure. A place to take a workcation or workventure.
  3. The perfect place to bring a guest or family and know they will think you are the hero for arranging five star leisure as you take care of business!


Photograph published in Golden Isles Magazine January 2018 in the article: ‘Achieving Mind over Matter for a Better Life ‘ Words by Cynthia Robinson/Photos by Leslie Hand

Rachel M. Berg

The good news is your sandbox comes with a built in guide.  Rachel Berg, the founder of The Lifestyle Sandbox, is available for Sandbox Coaching, Facilitation Services, Strategic Consulting and Destination Management.

Clients recognize Rachel as a trusted advisor in the field of talent development.  She influences people through her high expectations of herself and others.  She constantly envisions ways to improve and upgrade.

She creates a strong and immediate emotional connection that inspire her clients to become involved advocates for stimulating and profitable work cultures as well as civil and responsible communities.

Rachel captivates others with her vibrant and attractive style of communication. Being approachable and transparent make her an ‘open book’.  She intuitively understands others’ ideas and feelings and helps her clients leverage that synergy to add value through better execution.  

She expects highest quality deliverables from herself and others.  She presents herself with finesse. Working towards a goal invigorates her. Her enthusiasm, work ethic, and ability to create quick buy in on new ideas inspires her clients and their teams.  Rachel is enthusiastic, results-oriented and respected.
  • Talent Development Consultant
  • Corporate and Organizational Culture Consultant
  • Executive Leadership Coach
  • Senior Human Resource Consultant
  • Outplacement and On-boarding Team Integration Specialist
  • Sales Effectiveness Coach
  • Client Experience Consultant
  • Certified Advanced DISC Behavioral Analyst
  • CTI (Coaches Training Institute) CCPC (Certified Co-Active Professional Coach)
  • CTI Leadership Graduate
  • ICF (International Coaching Federation) ACC (Accredited Coach Certification)
  • Authorized Facilitator Team Coaching International 
  • Certified Wiley Partner Certified to Facilitate
    • 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
    • Work of Leaders
    • Productive Conflict
    • Team Snapshot, Culture Report Debrief and Strategic Plan Development
    • Collaboration Style Identification and Co-Worker Comparison Report
  • IBREA (International Brain Research & Education Association) Brain Management Consultant
  • Wellness and Anti-Aging Consultant
  • Lifestyle Architect

Our Clients Solve Problems and Build Success

  • Our clients walk out with clarity and next steps for personal and professional goals
  • Our clients walk out with a Sandbox Implementation Module to clarify vision, strategize the engagement of allies and champion the mastery of ongoing results.

We help top talent build their legacy.

Curious? Click here to schedule a quick chat or book a sandbox 

Assessment Findings for Rachel M Berg

Tends to deal with problems and challenges in a demanding, driving and self-willed manner. Is individualistic in approach and actively seeks goals. Will attack problems and likes a position with authority and work that will constantly challenge a performance up to her ability.

Sees the need to be somewhat conservative in her approach to solving problems. Wants to accept challenges but will be calculated in her response.

Natural style is to use persuasion and emotion. She is positive and seeks to win by the virtues of her personality and verbal skills. She displays enthusiasm for almost any project.

Is variety-oriented and demonstrates a need to get from one activity to another as quickly as possible. She usually demonstrates a pronounced sense of urgency.

Rachel seeks a wide scope of activities in an environment that is constantly changing. Timetables, deadlines and schedules can be constantly shuffled without obvious consternation.

Work Place Motivator Assessment (Values)

Profit driven and bottom-line oriented. Makes decisions with practicality and bottom-line dollars in mind. Is highly productive. Pays attention to R.O.I. (return on investment) in business or team activity. Will protect organizational or team finances, as well as her own.

High degree of curiosity in a variety of areas. Provides a high interest level on new initiatives or projects. Attracted to new and cutting-edge ideas and concepts.  Strong desire to learn and go beyond the required knowledge base. Has a “cognitive” attitude. Looks for deeper meaning in things. Has many interests outside the workplace.

She is an active problem-solver, seeking solutions. Will work long, hard hours on the complex solution to a problem. Demonstrates a logical approach to problem solving and patience to analyze all of the options for solutions. Possesses strong and consistent analytical skills and ability. Has a strong ability to read, study and learn independently.

General Characteristics

Shows an appropriate and realistic approach to helping others, without being an extremist. Has the ability to balance decisions about whether or not to share with and help others.

Able to balance own needs against the needs of others, and work in ways that both achieve and succeed. Can support and understand the positions of individuals with either a higher or lower Social/Altruistic score.  Can bring a sense of stability to issues around this Social/Altruistic dimension.

Value to the Organization

Seen as a stabilizing force in organizational operations and transactions. Considered flexible and versatile without being an extremist. Able to see both sides of the position from those with higher and lower Individualistic scores.

Able to mediate between the needs of the higher and lower Individualistic members of the team. Able to take a stand with emphasis, or to be a more quiet member supporting a position. Able to lead or follow as asked.