Sandbox Method


On-sight Sandbox

Where Brainstorming Works

  • Rich, versatile, experiential, and customizable learning approaches to support collaborative brainstorming
  • Individual insight for learners at every level and every learning style
  • Consistent research-validated learning models
  • In-depth information including tips, strategies, and action plans to help participants apply concepts in the workplace and in the market
  • Interactive learning portal to extend sandbox ‘aha’s and leverage social learning

Take Aways:

How to:

  • Prioritize big picture and sweat small stuff
  • Remain open and discerning
  • Be adventurous and explore implications
  • Follow the gut and seek counsel

An experience with the new Sandbox Conference Room

How clients have used a Sandbox:

  • Vision design
  • Alignment building
  • Execution mapping

90 Day Plan:

  • Best Next Steps chosen
  • Intel to be gathered by when
  • Communication strategies outlined
Woman Typing on Laptop on Floor ca. 2001

Virtual Sandbox

Where Learning Works

A Virtual Sandbox allows brainstorming to leverage online convenience and experiential learning simultaneously.

Like the Sandbox Conference Room redefines how we come to the table in that room, The Virtual Sandbox redefines how an online meetings can be experienced.

Sandbox Learning Portal allows people to leave the sandbox and stay engaged whether they’re in the office or on the go with their smartphone or tablet.  They have unlimited access to on-demand insights about colleagues and clients and can get communication strategies to apply in real work situations, like pitching a colleague on an idea or landing that illusive client.

Take Aways

  • Mobile friendly, interactive learning experiences and social learning portal
  • A site that is the cap stone to any learning program that cements the lessons that users are introduced to in the Sandbox experience.
  • The portal enables learners to actively incorporate new knowledge into daily work and client negotiations.
  • Offers insights and strategies for working and communication with others.
  • Customer Interaction Maps for improving sales relationships
  • Comparison Reports with Customers
  • Comparison Reports with team mates, the boss, co-workers, and reports
  • Team Snapshots

Offsite Sandbox

Where Hospitality Works


  • An offsite experience that is a step away from the pull of what has already been created to craft next level approaches
  • All inclusive meeting experience
  • Complimentary tech amenities
  • On-site staff for day of meeting or week of retreat needs
  • Able to make whoever suggested a Sandbox look good
  • Personal meeting coordinator to guide you through the details
  • Stress-free planning process
  • Wall size white boards
  • Smart TVs All equipment needed for A/V and HD display
  • Business class Wifi


We know food is always top of mind when a group is hot on the path of market next level results.

We partner with trusted local vendors and restaurants to provide an assortment of options for a Sandbox.  From BBQ to heart healthy salads and everything in between.  Whether it’s breakfast or hors d’oeuvres our team will ensure all logistical aspects of your Sandbox are covered from start to finish so your group stays full and fueled.


Island Retreats

  • VIP one on one talent development for the leader or emerging talent
  • 3 Day Intensive individual (or small group) Vision Quest
  • Ally Building team experience
    • Culinary Experience-Cooking Demo or Team Cooking
    • Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt
    • Kayaking
    • Golf
    • Shrimping
    • Ropes Courses
  • Quarterly/Yearly Strategic Planning
  • ‘Film Review’ to mine for best practices and master the process of delivering quality quickly
  • On island airport and close to major airports in Jacksonville Florida or Savannah Georgia
    • Venue Selection and Logistics Coordination
    • Your Offsite Experience Concierge
    • Facilitation Services or Coordination
  • Virtual
    • VIP: Leverage new technology to ‘get away’ at home
    • Small Group: Facilitated by experienced virtual Sandbox coach
    • Ally Building: Virtual Large group presentations to cascade and systemize messaging

Take Aways

  • An Experience of and Map for
    • Straightforward opinions
    • Objective debates
    • Open dialog
    • Flexibility
    • Tactful Communication
    • Compromises Found
    • Issues sorted out and root causes found
    • Focus on facts
    • Expertise Consulted
    • People given space to express
  • An Experience of and map for successful alignment to a course of action
    • 90 Day Plan
    • Alignment to the path
    • Agreement to Accountability
    • Clear Results and project mapping
    • Tactful Communication
  • An Experience of and map for successful mastery of the process of quality quickly
    • ‘In the game’ film review
    • ‘Half time’ pep talk and course correction based on competition
    • ‘End of Game’ Film review to mine best practices from successes and failures
    • Systems put in place to develop the talent and the approach to win enough to win the market place