Tailored Experiences


With Global 24/7 … 365 access as an emerging norm, intentionally creating your lifestyle has become a necessity.  The same devices that allow constant access have also opened the door to remotely working from more exciting locals.

Workventure travelers differ from average business travelers because they are up early to take a run on the beach or extending their stay to go kayaking or deep sea fishing.

Workventure travelers are refusing to segment business and personal travel.  They are the pioneers in crafting a lifestyle that includes adventure and career advancement.

Workventure Sandbox

take aways:

  • How to tailor your next adventure to fit your core style
  • Leadership best practices to lead your adventure
  • Creation of an ‘inner circle’ to support commitments at work and at home
  • More effective communication skills to build and navigate your adventure
  • Personalized Communication Style Index
  • Adventure Support Map
  • Sandbox Application Guide and Workbook

It use to be about work/life balance. Today it’s about work/life blending. Finding a way to increase the bottom line as well as understand ‘it’s 5 O’clock Somewhere’ is the secret to work/life blending.

Choosing to work where you want to work is behind the new travel trend, workcation.  Choosing to work from the beach, the mountains, or from a busy city across the globe creates a vacation from the work environment if not from the work itself.

Choosing to add vacation around necessary business travel saves money and time.  Choosing to lead a designed lifestyle (rather than hoping to fit in when you find the time) is creating this increasingly popular travel trend.

How to navigate this ‘out of the box thinking’ as well as enroll bosses and family in the idea may take some brainstorming and a plan.

Workcation Sandbox

take aways:

  • How to design business and travel that fits your style
  • Project Management best practices for logistic design
  • Creation of an ‘inner circle’ to support commitments at work and at home
  • Communication skills to build and navigate your workcation
  • Personalized Communication Style Index
  • Workcation Support Map
  • Sandbox Application Guide and Workbook


Blending business and leisure is the clever leader’s tool to refresh, stay relevant and build a legacy of results.  It has been a well utilized corporate strategy for market development and sales as well as for top leadership strategic planning.  It is still relevant today.  What has changed is the who and the how.

Who is qualifying to attend is now reflecting the cognitive diversity of today’s work place.  Global, multi-cultural, cognitively diverse attendees mean a more finessed approach to both business and leisure must be designed for an offsite experience.

In addition, how do you reward top achievers and hit their hot button rather than cause eye rolls?  How do you leverage the offsite to actually bond rather than annoy. Most importantly how do you leverage the event to produce bottom line results?

The answer is a customized, tailored approach for that leader and the specific culture of that organization.  A brainstorm can uncover the right solution and a plan well executed can build the intended results.

B-leisure Sandbox

take aways:

  • Tailor your next offsite to fit your culture’s style
  • Produce measurable offsite results and meet business goals
  • Create an ‘inner circle’ to champion employee engagement
  • Create a culture that masters business results through clever use of leisure
  • B-leisure Support Map
  • A Sandbox Application Guide and Workbook